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CBS News: Newt Gingrich to star in Citizens United movie about "American exceptionalism"

With Republican presidential candidates preparing to face off in their first debate next week, Citizens United Productions, a production company affiliated with the Newt Gingrich-associated Republican advocacy group Citizens United, will release a film entitled "A City Upon A Hill" - a documentary-style film on "American exceptionalism" co-starring Gingrich.

The film, which will premiere on Friday in Washington, D.C., features interviews with Gingrich, his "co-host" and wife Callista, and a handful of prominent Republicans discussing the idea that America is the best country in the world.

"Exceptionalism for Americans is the belief that the United States is in some way more open, more vigorous, more optimistic than other nations are," says Gingrich, a likely 2012 presidential contender, in the film's trailer. "Our best leaders have reminded us that we have a moral obligation to the cause of freedom and that the cause of freedom is the cause of all mankind."

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Daily Caller: A City Upon A Hill

During his travels in 1831, French writer, Alexis de Tocqueville, observed that America was an exceptional nation with a special role to play in history. Tocqueville wrote that, unlike in Europe, where social standing defined a citizen, America was a new republic where liberty, equality, individualism, and laissez-faire economics defined the “American Creed.”

Citizens United Productions has released a documentary on American Exceptionalism, entitled “A City Upon A Hill,” hosted by Newt and Callista Gingrich. “A City Upon A Hill” is written and directed by award-winning film maker, Kevin Knoblock (“Ronald Reagan: Rendezvous With Destiny,” “Nine Days That Changed The World,” “America at Risk”).

Throughout our history, the United States has risen to meet great challenges -- sometimes out of necessity but often out of the determination to create a better future for the next generation. At the time of our founding, no other nation had adopted the radical ideals of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. No other nation had declared, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights” -- rights that no king or government could take away.

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Citizens United Productions to Premiere A City Upon A Hill On April 29th

Washington, DC – Citizens United Productions ( is pleased to announce the premiere of the new film “A City Upon A Hill (” in Washington, DC on April 29th. Hosted by Newt and Callista Gingrich, “A City Upon A Hill (” explores the concept of American Exceptionalism from its origin to the present day. “A City Upon A Hill (” goes into great detail about how and why America is an exceptional nation and features a stellar cast with a wide range of expertise in politics, military, and industry. “A City Upon A Hill (” includes real stories from Americans who have captured the American dream for themselves. Their stories illustrate what it is that makes our nation exceptional.

“Our Founding Fathers envisioned a nation based on the individual, dignity and liberty,” said Callista Gingrich, Co-host and Executive Producer of “A City Upon A Hill.” “As free citizens, we must have the personal responsibility and courage to ensure that America remains an exceptional nation, a challenge that is the essence of the American creed.”

“America’s Declaration of Independence makes clear that we are endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights,” said Newt Gingrich, Co-host and Executive Producer of “A City Upon A Hill.” “This truth, that we are sovereign and that we loan power to the government, distinguishes us from any other nation in history and has provided Americans with the freedom to become the safest and most prosperous nation in the world. We must remember why America is an exceptional nation to preserve it as such.”

“America is a beacon of liberty for the rest of the world,” said David N. Bossie, President of Citizens United Productions and Executive Producer of “A City Upon A Hill.” “This documentary touches on America’s soul, and explores how this nation, conceived just over two centuries ago, has changed the world for the better. America is an exceptional nation because we believe in freedom.”

A City Upon A Hill” is written and directed by award-winning filmmaker, Kevin Knoblock (“Border War,” “Ronald Reagan: Rendezvous With Destiny,” “Nine Days That Changed The World,” “America at Risk”).

Cast appearing in “A City Upon A Hill” include: Donald Trump, Rep. Michele Bachmann, Rep. Allen West, Rep. Lincoln Diaz-Balart, Buzz Aldrin, Douglas Brinkley, Edwin Meese III, Allen Guelzo, Fred Barnes, Michael Barone, Andrew Breitbart, S.E. Cupp, Phyllis Schlafly, and others.

Citizens United Productions, the country’s leading conservative production company, is the organization behind “Hillary the Movie,” the film that recently brought about the landmark First Amendment Supreme Court decision in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission. In addition, Citizens United has produced 18 highly regarded feature-length documentary films including “Generation Zero,” “Fire from the Heartland,” “Battle for America,” and “America at Risk” as well as the award winning films “Nine Days That Changed The World,” “Ronald Reagan: Rendezvous With Destiny,” and “Perfect Valor,” with Senator Fred Thompson.

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